By: Kat Lynch

Senior year is filled with a plethora of highs and lows… but after you apply to colleges everything gets a little easier! Here are some things I am personally excited about during our senior year!

  1.    Seeing Where Everyone Ends Up

The number one thing I am most excited for as a senior is to see where I go to college and where everyone else will end up. Most of my class I have been friends with since 8th grade, and it will be so exciting to see what everyone’s next step will be. Additionally, it will be interesting to see which HB girls end up at the same college, because there are often overlaps.

  1.    Senioritis to be Acceptable

I already have senioritis, and it is really bad because most other people don’t yet. I think that senioritis will be a more widespread issue second semester, and I cannot wait until everyone else is as unmotivated as me. Haha. Sorry to my teachers, I really am trying.

  1.    Finishing my Thesis paper

Since the first day of school, the idea of writing this 25-page paper has been hanging over my head. Yet again, I am pretty much behind. But, I know that when I finish it will be very satisfying to say I have written a thesis paper, so I am excited for that.

  1.    Carnival

I don’t know how you can be a senior and NOT be excited about carnival. It is going to be so amazing this year guys SO GET EXCITED!!! As the year goes on, we are going to get more and more hype, so you all better too!

  1.    Getting decisions back

Part of me is dreading this, but the other part of my mind and itching to know my college decisions. This semester I have watched so many Youtube videos about being accepted to colleges it almost drove me crazy.

All in all, second semester of senior year is pretty exciting!! We are almost at the finish line; keep it up seniors!!

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