by Isha Bhardwaj

In case you’re ever in California looking for a sweet treat, check out the bakeries below!


Sprinkles Cupcakes


Sprinkles Cupcakes has several different locations around California, in Anaheim, Los Angeles,  Beverly Hills, and more. It opened in 2005, and it was the world’s first cupcake bakery. Sprinkles offers delivery, and some locations even have a cupcake ATM, which is like a vending machine for cupcakes. Flavors offered include salty caramel, chocolate marshmallow, peanut butter chocolate,  lemon, coconut, cinnamon sugar, and vanilla milk chocolate. Besides cupcakes, you can also get ice cream here, with red velvet waffle cones, frozen hot chocolate, and sundaes.




Milk offers ice cream, milkshakes, and a bake shop. They have ice cream sandwiches in fun flavors like red velvet, Fruit Loops, green tea, and rocky road. They have traditional flavored milkshakes, like brownie and banana split, but they also offer more unconventional flavors like blondie, espresso, cherry, and vanilla orange . They also offer ice cream bars and cones in cinnamon toast crunch, banana butterscotch, and cookies and cream. Milk even lets you customize your own ice cream cones and sandwiches, in case you want a different flavor than what is offered. They sell plenty of delicious cookies as well, like birthday cake, cookie dough, lemon, Nutella, and chocolate chip.


Georgetown Cupcake


Georgetown Cupcake has a location in Los Angeles, and it offers nationwide cupcake delivery and catering! Classic flavors include red velvet, chocolate ganache, and marble.  Georgetown has a lot of seasonal cupcakes by month, like gingerbread and chocolate peppermint for December and cherry blossom and lemon cheesecake for April. It also has daily specials for every day of the week, that include fun flavors like cookies and creme,  chocolate hazelnut, and lava fudge. To see more of their amazing cupcakes, you can check out their Instagram account:


Magnolia Bakery



Magnolia Bakery has a location in Los Angeles, and many other places around the country. Magnolia offers traditional flavors, like vanilla, chocolate,  red velvet, but also specialty flavors like hummingbird, confetti, and peanut butter and jelly. They have mini cupcakes and edible images, which are photographs of your choice printed on edible paper. They make their own sprinkles and offer buttercream in several different colors.  It also offers muffins, in flavors like cappuccino chocolate chip and pumpkin, cheesecake, and brownies.


Donut Friend



Located in Los Angeles, Donut Friend offers several unique flavors, and they let people customize their donuts in several different ways. They offer donuts in flavors like everything bagel( with cream cheese!) s’mores, with real toasted marshmallows on top,  mango, and lavender. They have sweet flavors too, like apple pie, vanilla cake, Nutella, cherry, and cinnamon, and cookie butter! Donut Friend offers more traditional flavors as well, like mint chocolate, pumpkin, jelly, and custard. There are plenty of options here no matter which donut flavor you’re looking for!


Carmela Ice Cream



Carmela Ice Cream offers locations in Pasadena and Los Angeles. They make all of their ice cream with farmer’s market produce, so it’s made from natural ingredients. It’s best-selling flavor is salted caramel. It also offers ice creams like Aztec Chocolate, Mint Chocolate, Brown Sugar Vanilla Bean, Espresso, Pumpkin Spice and Rocky Road. It also offers several fruit sorbets and sherbets, like watermelon, orange vanilla, strawberry vanilla bean, and raspberry rose.