By: Jessica Bruening and Katie Greppin

2018 Cross Country Season

The 2018 Cross Country team had a strong season this year. We bonded as a team while pushing through hard workouts and the nerves on race day. This year we learned many important lessons in addition to running 3.1 miles every Saturday morning. We learned that if you spot a water bottle in the bathroom it is probably the Coffey’s. Also, using icy hot on a hot day will burn your legs, and when Melissa says she’s going to go easy, she is definitely lying.

The team has also done many fun team activities. Mitchell’s Mondays happened every Monday, which would not have been complete without Ainsley’s harsh rating of the flavors, and we played competitive games of Ultimate Frisbee almost every week. One day we did an art project with the Running Club, an afterschool club in the middle school, and then ran with them to inspire them to one day join our team. We raised $800 from our Car Wash that supported Girls with Sole, a local organization. Mr. Dimitrov even came with his motorcycle. Liz Ferro from the organization came to run with us one day who had run 70 marathons. We also had a Bring Your Dog to Practice Day. We ran with our dogs in the back field. Some dogs were more friendly than others.



There four seniors on our team this year. They were Jessica Young, Grace McCarthy, Ainsley Bradbury, and Casey Beiswenger. The Cross Country Senior Night was at the meet at Gilmour.


This year we welcomed Mr. Clifford as an assistant coach, and we definitely learned a lot from him over the course of the season. For example, Newton’s Third Law is applicable when doing hill repeats. Also, when done correctly, a jumping jack should include a clap at the top, and the best snack to have in your pocket at all times is a hard boiled egg.

We had a lot of amazing meets this season, but a few really stood out. Our overnight trip to Tiffin Cross Country Carnival was great as always, complete with lots of team bonding and a first place win for the second year in a row. Another memorable meet was the Cardinal Invitational, at which we brought home our first ever championship belt, which can be viewed in Ms. Ettore’s office. It’s very weird but also kind of amazing. The meet at Forest Hills was incredibly tough as the course include as massive hill that really feels more like a mountain while you are running up it. After we finished our regular season it was time to get ready for districts. The team ran really well, and we got 7th place. Although the team didn’t make it to regionals, senior Jessica Young did make it out, and ran a really strong race through lots of mud and rain at the regional meet last weekend. We accomplished a lot this season, both as a team and as individuals, and I think we’re all looking forward to next season (or for a lot of us, track).