By Allison Fritz

Rainy days tend to be boring.. Rainy days made me think of wet, dark, stormy, dreary, blue, pouring, unexciting. On the weekends, I always wanted to go outside and do something. I didn’t really like staying at home, so rainy days weren’t the best. I felt that it wasn’t interesting to just sit inside all day since my family always engages with  nature and goes outside on Sundays. I knew that there were many things to do, such as read, or play board games, or draw pictures. For some reason, those options just weren’t something I would want to do for a whole day. There was so much to do outside of my house, and plus, rainy days were so cold.

Rainy days are cold, but that is why we have rain boots and raincoats. I started to like the rain more and the coolness felt very good on my face, especially in the  summer. As I got older, I had more activities on the weekends and more homework. For me now, rainy days are a nice day to catch up on my work since I have a lot of homework and can’t go really do anything outside anyways. I’ve come to realize that I need a nice day of relaxing instead of doing a bunch of activities all the time. On warm, sunny days, I still really want to go out and do something fun like going to a park, or somewhere with friends, or go to a new place I’ve never explored before. Since I have more work now in High School, it’s not like when I was little and could eat a long dinner and watch some TV. So when the weekend comes, I like to watch some videos or movies that I wouldn’t be able to watch on the weekdays. It is nice when it rains because my family won’t want to go out and we can stay inside, so I can just do whatever I want.

Even if you don’t have homework, there are so many things to do on rainy days. You could catch up on work, read, play board games, play music, watch movies, draw, write, or anything you want! If you are a outside person, you could even step outside and feel the rain. If you’re like me, and don’t like wet socks, then you can always wear boots. Of course, I don’t like to go outside when it’s pouring, and I’m guessing no one does. But when it is sprinkling a little, the rain looks pretty and it feels so nice. Sometimes when it’s too hot outside, rain is something to be grateful for! It seems like sometimes people may forget how important rain is. It waters the plants in the wilderness and makes sure our environment isn’t too dry. I myself didn’t really appreciate rain until now.

Like I said above, rain always made me think of wet, dark, stormy, dreary, blue, and pouring. Now when I think of rain, I think of calm, tranquil, refreshing. Especially when it’s warm outside, a gentle rain washes the heat from my face. In my opinion, the best kind of rain is when it is sprinkling just a little. It doesn’t get you too wet, and it isn’t terribly cold. It is not alarming, like a big storm, and sometimes, when it is sprinkling when the sun is out it causes a rainbow. If the rain was a little heavier, it would give me a sad feeling. But sprinkling rain makes me happy because it feels light and uplifting. One time over the summer, I was visiting a school for about 4 days to experience a day in the life at this school. We were outside doing PE, and suddenly it started to rain. As we ran back inside the rain was pouring; it felt like a giant bucket was being poured onto me. It was pleasant to run in the rain, especially since it was summer and it was hot and my clothes dried quickly. If it had been winter though, I definitely would not have enjoyed it as much!

Rainy days can be very boring, and disappointing too if you like the outdoors. But rainy days can also be a great time to catch up on work, stay inside to watch a movie or read a book, do an indoor activity, bake or cook, make a video, write a story, draw and paint, or even go outside to explore the great outdoors in the rain!  You could go explore different places, like museums or a cafe. There are numerous activities to do inside and outside during the rain, and anyone can do whatever they want. I didn’t use to like rainy days, but now I’m starting to like them more and more, and if you don’t like them yet, you should think about all the things you could do on a rainy day.