By Claire Fallon

I wake up to my alarm blaring right next to my face at 5:25 on a morbid Wednesday morning. I hit snooze until I am practically late, dragging my exhausted body from the warm confort of my bed. I glance at the mirror and shudder, wow. Have the circles under my eyes really gotten that dark? While simultaneously getting dressed and grabbing my bags, I trip down the stairs and jump in my car, sullenly driving to morning swim practice. I am about 8 minutes away from my house, when I realize my mistake. My horrible, painful, heart shattering mistake. I forgot to grab my god damn coffee.

This quick memory of one of my usual exhausting mornings brought me to thinking lately….what  would my life be like if I didn’t drink coffee? Would I still function the same? Would I be better off, or a sagging piece of crap, dragging my sullen body down the halls of our beloved Hathaway Brown? Unfortunately, I decided to see if I could go one solid week without my life saving, wonderful morning mug of coffee. I had high hopes at the time.

Day one: I had a meltdown while driving to school because I realized I had a physics test first period and I didn’t think I could stay awake long enough to finish the assessment. I ended up getting a pretty solid grade, to my surprise.

Day two: It was a slightly shaky, busy, intensely frustrating day. I really missed my coffee, but not as much as the day before.

Day three: Morning practice thoroughly exhausted me. I walked the halls looking lifeless, as many of my friends did not forget to point out. I kept imagining how wonderful it would be to drive to Starbucks, and down an overpriced, sugary latte. Damn.

Day four: Ok, I was about to give up my coffee strike at this point. I really hated every second of this day, literally every single thing someone did or word that someone said made me want to go home. I realized that I had an addiction.

Day five: It was finally Friday, which put me much more at ease! I did not miss coffee as much this day, since I knew I could get a full 8 hours that coming night. I was in a relaxed, jubilant mood.

Day six: The weekend finally came, and I could not be more pleased. I went to practice, ate a lot of food, and took a nap. Pretty productive day for me, I must say.

Day seven: My last day without coffee, a slight relief. I did SO much homework, wrote an entire research paper, and watched a movie. I felt good, but I knew that the coming day would be extremely difficult for me. At least I could end my week long struggle!!!

After this week was over, I went right back to drinking my morning mug of coffee again. I realized that with the amount of physical exercise and school work I do daily, I deserve an energy booster, regardless of the looming consequences. Without coffee, I was less happy than I could have been. We should all make the most of our lives right now, don’t give something you love up just because it might be bad for you. Live your life the way YOU want to.