by Maria Brown

Skate America is an international competition in which competitors at the senior level compete for the title of Skate America Champion.  It occurred from October 19-22 in Everett Washington this year. USA was very well represented in all disciplines.


This year the senior rhythm dance is the Tango Romantica. It is one of the most complex dances in ice dance and the US teams did an amazing job at executing it.  It includes multiple position changes between partners and a lot of complex moves that you won’t see in any other dances. Madison Hubbell and Zachary Donohue secured the US’s 10th strait Skate America title in ice dance.  WOW!

Madison Hubble and Zachary Donohue:

Rhythm Dance: Tango Romantica

Placement: 1


Free Dance

Music: Romeo and Juliet

Placement: 1Hubbell_Donohue_for_Feature.jpg


The US also did well in pairs!  This year Timothy LeDuc and Ashley Cain gave the US a third place win.  Things are looking up for the US pairs teams.

Ashley Cain and Timothy Leduc

Short Dance:

Music: Bella Belle


Free Dance:

Music: W.E. Soundtrack

Placement: 3



Bradie Tennell still secured the pewter medal for the US in the women’s discipline.

Music: Rebirth


Free Skate

Music: Romeo and Juliet

Placement: 4th



Nathan Chen managed showed the world that you can still be the top men’s competitor in the world while attending Yale.  He has even figured out a way to skype with his coach while training so that he can go to college at the same time!

Short program:

Music: Caravan


Free Dance

Music: Land of All

Placement: 1st