by Liv Boyer

Today, for the first time, I looked out the bus window. Of course I’ve looked out this window before, but not like this. Today I looked out and saw everything. For once in a very long time I paid attention to what was happening behind the glass next to me, and it was amazing. I think many little things are looked over these days, things that if you think about it, are pretty extraordinary and maybe a little heartbreaking.

One of the first things I saw was a girl with a bright pink backpack. I think she was walking home. Then I saw a man wearing a black hoodie, he was pacing and looking around, but this wasn’t nervous behavior, it seemed like habit. He walked to the edge of the curb and focused his gaze on the three lane street in front of him. Then he glanced both ways and started to move across the street. He walked in-between two sets of cars before he reached my window. He wasn’t looking for me and I wasn’t looking for him, but each other is what we found. Our eyes met for a few moments and then he turned and walked behind the bus.

Once he was gone I saw the girl again, but this time I noticed something different about her, she was checking her surroundings every few feet, yet she didn’t look nervous either. When I saw her for the second time it almost felt like seeing an old friend you haven’t seen for ages. The first thought that came to mind was “I know you!” As I watched her walk I realized why she was looking around like that. She was looking for someone to grab her, kidnap her, etc. But it wasn’t out of actual fear of this happening today right now, it was out of habit. Right after this realization the bus pulled away, closer and closer to home.

As we continued on I saw two girls walking across the parking lot of a strip mall, they were either chewing or talking, I’m not sure which. They seemed to have just picked up food and were walking with it in their arms. I wonder if they originally went together, maybe they ran into each other there and decided to spend the rest of the time together? Or maybe, just maybe they’re strangers getting to know someone new, but let’s be honest, it’s not #3. I’d love this scene a lot more if it was #3, but people don’t really do that. As far as I can tell we never really have, just as I was rolling this idea around in my brain we sped away yet again.

Now I was met with some people that we’re moving right along with me. There were two men sitting in a white truck for some kind of maintenance company, I forget what it was called, but I remember a big red T on the side of the truck and a giant white cable coiled on a hook in the back of the truck. I’m not sure what it was about but they seemed to be having a disagreement about something. One of them was shaking his hands at the other and they both looked pretty angry. Before I could think any deeper into this we were gone again.