by Helen Breen

LeBron James is a icon in sports. He was the hero to Cleveland when he brought us a championship after a 52 year drought. LeBron has had a very interesting relationship with Cleveland ever since he was drafted as the First Pick in 2003. In 2010 he left Cleveland to join the Miami Heat in ‘the decision’. Everyone was very mad about this and it caused people burned their LeBron jerseys (including me). Then in 2014 he decided to come home to Cleveland. In 2016 after going to the finals for the 2nd time in a row with the Cavs LeBron won the Championship. LeBron has been to 9 straight NBA finals with the Cavs and Heat, but he has only won 3. Earlier this year he decided to sign with the LA Lakers to create a new superteam with the Ball family. LeBron’s plan is to win the Western Conference championships, but he is off to a rocky start with his new team. The Lakers win to loss ratio is 11-8 which is not is as good as it should be considering the starting lineup of this team. They are also ranked 10th in the Western Conference. The Lakers at this moment almost have no chance at winning the Western Conference championships. Every year he was with the Cavs they won the Eastern Conference Championship Ships. LeBron is an icon in Cleveland, but when he left he kept his promise so there were not as many hard feelings. Still it is hard to see LeBron in a Lakers jersey. Even though LeBron doesn’t live in Cleveland anymore he still has a connection with the city. LeBron may now play for a losing team but hopefully he will eventually come back to Cleveland and buy the Cavs. For now LeBron is having to deal with the karma from leaving Cleveland (again).