by Tayler Chauvette

As the winter season begins to creep closer, so does snow.  Yesterday, we had our first big snowfall and because we live in Ohio, this is only the beginning of the amount of snow to come. This article gives fun activities to do on a fun snowy day, maybe even, a snow day.


  1. Sledding

Whether you live in Shaker, Chagrin, Bath, or Cleveland Heights there are sledding hills all around. This can be a fun activity to do with family and/or friends. All that are needed are sleds (something you can get from Target for $8) and warm clothes. Sledding is simple and exciting for a snowy day.

2.  Watch a Movie



This activity can be done at two places: your home or a movie theater. If ordering a big container of popcorn and putting your feet up in front of the big screen sounds good to you, then go to a movie theater. If staying in your warm bed or couch with popcorn from the microwave in front of your TV or laptop sounds better, then watching a movie at home is the choice for you. Now, the movie theater is more expensive because you have to pay for a ticket and the popcorn, so if you are saving up for a new phone, then your home theater is the way to go.


3. Skiing


This activity is very fun for skiers of any skill type. Brandywine and Boston Mills both offer $44 day passes, for those who do not own the equipment, some can be rented for $32. This is a really fun way to fill up a whole day, get some exercise, and try something new.  


4. Tubing


If you are not a skiing fan but still like to get outside and breath in the fresh air, then this activity is the one for you. Polar Blast Tubing is another activity that can take up a whole day. It is a lot like sledding, but on an inflated tube. The cost for a three hour session is $25 per person. There is also an all day session at $59 per person. Either choice is a very exciting and fun way to spend time with family and/or friends.



5. Read a Book


I know, I know. We read so many books in school that it may make you never want to look, let alone read, another book ever again. For those of you who were nodding your heads along while reading the previous sentence, this activity is not for you. This activity is for the book lovers. If you enjoy snuggling in a cozy blanket, putting your feet up, and diving into your latest book, then this is the activity for you. All that is needed for this activity is, of course, a book (from your own library or the school library), a comfy chair, and a fuzzy blanket.