by Caroline Cannon

With the season of giving thanks, celebrating family, and sharing gifts quickly approaching, it is important to think of those less fortunate, especially in your own neighborhood. Here are 5 ways you can make a difference in your community before the end of 2018!

  1. Donate to GROW for their Holiday Fundraiser!


        Donte to GROW (Girls Reaching Others Worldwide) in the name of a teacher (or a few!). This is a great way to give back to your community, and teachers love knowing you chose to make a difference in their name! Here are the details: Donate online: , or donate with a check or cash using a paper form available in C252.

  1. Volunteer at the Cleveland Food Bank on December 3rd!


         A HB service trip, on December 3rd you can go to the Cleveland Food Bank to sort their food donations! Transportation to and from the food bank is provided, and you will return to HB at 6:30. This is a “fan-favorite” at HB, and it’s an awesome way to support an amazing organization that gives food to those in need. The Cleveland Food Bank strives to give this opportunity of plentiful food to everyone, one step at a time! There are only a few slots left, so go sign up on Mobile Serve or tell your service learning reps!

  1. Start a food collection drive in your neighborhood!


        One of the easiest ways to give back is through a food drive. Simply make some fliers, hand them out to your neighbors and ask for even 3 cans of food they would be willing to donate. The Cleveland Foodbank is a great place to bring your donations, but a local soup kitchen or food pantry would be great as well!

  1. At your holiday party, ask every guest to kindly consider bringing a donation for a charity of your choice instead of a gift!


         I read in a BuzzFeed article one time about this woman who decided to ask every if guest coming to her party would bring a backpack full of school supplies instead of a gift. She decided to donate all these backpacks to a local organization that would give them to kids in need, and was pleasantly surprised by the number of people that helped her out! This is such a great way to get everyone involved in helping your community, and it’s honestly really simple. You could ask everyone to bring a few canned goods or some clothes to donate, and then just drop them off at a local shelter or other organization. A few google searches should help you figure out which organization to drop them off at, and it’s super simple!

  1. Grab some friends and volunteer at a resting home!


         At this time of year, there are tons of elders that get visitors to celebrate their holidays. But, unfortunately, that is not the reality for all in resting homes. That is why there are tons of holiday parties and celebrations right in their buildings! HB has some great relationships with Judson Manor, Judson Park, Montefiore and more homes around Cleveland, and it would be awesome to see some students there over break. Simply head over to their website and look around for a way volunteer! And, bring your friends! It’s a really fun time to hang out and help out.


Hopefully you will consider giving back to your community this December, and enjoy the glorious winter break!