By: Sydney Deegan

To everyone worried about college (A.K.A. all of you),

College. For seniors, it has literally been the topic of conversation for the past year and will continue to be until May 1st. But in the meantime I wanted to let you know, YOU ARE GOING TO BE OK. To all my seniors, congrats on making it through November 1st! Now let me tell you a little bit about my experience with this whole process.

To start off, I had no idea what I was doing. I literally didn’t even know what the Common App was. So whether you had your list of colleges ready freshman year or you’re like me and didn’t know anything about the process of applying, you will figure it out no matter what. I have always been known as a HUGE procrastinator (sorry mom, dad, and teachers). Starting off with my first ACT, I didn’t study. Second time around? Still didn’t study. Third time? Did ONE practice test. Now I wouldn’t say I recommend this method at all, but I still ended up with my goal score. To the juniors starting to take the ACT/ SAT, breathe because, again, you are going to figure it out. Also, don’t do what I did because that was dumb:)

Going into the summer I didn’t have a good idea of what colleges I wanted to apply to. I went on a lot of tours and visited schools. From programs to campus life, this really helped to get a better sense of what interested me about each college. I highly recommend to all the underclassmen that if you aren’t sure about a school, visit it because you learn so much more about what you’re looking for. I remember my first meeting with Ms. Appenheimer she asked what kind of school I wanted to go to. I simply replied with, “I don’t really care I’ll go wherever!” She told me I was a typical middle child who’s older sibling had everything planned out (which is extremely accurate). Let me tell you something though- everyone cares! So don’t sell yourself short like I did at first, and really take the time to fish out what you want and need in from each college.

Narrowing down my list took some time. I’m sure some of you seniors can relate to this, but mine started out with way too many schools and I was able to essentially cut it in half. Rule out the schools you know for sure you will not go to, but also remember it is ok to have a big list (you’re not hurting anyone by just applying!).

Many of you seniors may still be in the middle of applying, or some of you (like me) may be done. I have to say this is the only time my procrastination hasn’t kicked in and I actually got everything done early. Underclassmen, meet with your counselors regularly to stay on top of everything and start the common app early.

BUT FOR MY SENIORS, we have made it to the waiting game, and let me tell you it might be even more stressful than actually applying. I, like most I’m assuming, am waiting to hear back from most of my schools. However, I applied to a few that were rolling admissions and I received a decision back quickly. Although I truly thought I would be “the first” to not get in anywhere, I was accepted into one of my schools. So to all my seniors- YOU ARE GOING TO GET IN! EVEN IF YOU HAVE NO HOPE LIKE I DID! In all seriousness, remember that you go to HB and there is no way anyone will let you not get accepted to any college/ university. I wish all of you the best of luck getting into the schools you please and enjoy the quick video (because all of you will have this feeling at least once:))

Sincerely-Your procrastinator and not “the first”,


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