By Aileen Lentz

After years of getting sick after eating ice cream I finally had to admit that I was lactose intolerant.  Though, I’m wasn’t going to give up dairy ice cream forever (some things are always worth it), I did, however, have to find another type of ice cream for those days I didn’t feel like getting sick.  Below is all of the different kinds I have tried.


The first dairy free ice cream I tried was at Picca Dilly on Coventry in Cleveland Heights.  I was very excited to see if it was good or not but I was very disappointed. I got chocolate, one of the two dairy free options they offered.  I was not a fan. I had to load it up with candy and fruit to make it edible. Many people rave about their ice cream, so I was very bummed out.  I feared that this would be my only option for the rest of my life.
The second dairy free ice cream I ever tried was from Ben and Jerry’s.  They don’t have too many to choose from in actual Ben and Jerry’s stores, so I had to rely on a nearby Giant Eagle.  Ben and Jerry’s have in impressive amount of dairy free options, but not all of them are to my tastes. I picked up P.B. and Cookies one day and couldn’t even tell the difference between regular ice cream and this one. This is still one of my favorites today.  It never disappoints.

The next brand I tried was from So Delicious.  I got Cookie Dough made with coconut milk and Salted Caramel Cluster made with cashew milk.  Unlike the Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, which was made with almond milk, I could definitely tell what milk these ice creams were made with.  The cookie dough pint had a pretty strong taste of coconut, but I ended up liking it anyway. The pint with the cashew milk, however, I was not a fan of.  Cashews are my least favorite nut so this one was not my style.
I was in the mood for a classic bowl of vanilla ice cream and have always like Breyers. I did not have high hopes when I picked up this ice cream, but not only did this ice cream taste just like real ice cream but it was better.  I gave some to my brothers, who refused to eat dairy free ice cream, and they had no idea. This will always be the holy grail of dairy free ice cream.