By: Radhika Dutta


We all know the $945 billion company that seems to be taking over the world… Apple. We all either use or see Apple products on a daily basis, and it has changed our lives. Apple has all types of products, including many different iPhones, iPads, Computers, and Apple Watches.  Apple has changed significantly since their first iPhone release in 2007.

On September 12th, Apple came out with 3 new iPhones, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and the iPhone XS Max. The iPhone has developed a lot since their first iPhone in 2007. The first iPhone had no GPS or video-recording. Isn’t that crazy? Last year when the iPhone X came out, everyone went ballistic. The line outside of Apple was a mile long. I personally thought it looked a little weird at first. There was no home button, the camera on the back was bigger, and the most innovative feature was the facial recognition. The previous year the iPhone 7 came out, which had no headphone jack. When I first got my Phone 7, it was a struggle. Carrying around a special connector along with my headphones was unnecessary and inconvenient. Apple has been removing parts to their phones, first the headphone jack and then the home button. What’s next?


Although Apple has been taking away numerous features, they also have been adding features to the newest iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and the iPhone XS Max. To me, all three of the phones and the IPhone X from 2017, look the same on the outside. On the inside there seems to be a difference (or at least that is what Apple has manipulated us to think). The 2018 iPhones have faster wireless charging, live wallpapers, better camera (that is what they say each year), and more color options. Not everything on the newest model is perfect. Apple has made the new iPhones to have glass on the back of the phone. I think that is unreasonable! For all those people who drop their phones 30 times a day can agree with me. If you drop your phone, now you can crack the back. The next thing I don’t like about the newest iPhone is the price. It is very expensive, you can do many other things with that money like getting a whole new wardrobe… or re-stock your pantry! Either way I would rather do those things than waste more money on an iPhone which is basically the same to all the other iPhones.


Although Apple can manipulate us and cheat us, I do appreciate them and their innovativeness because I use a numerous products, and I will definitely use them in the future going forward.

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