by Carys Bowen

Go to the second floor. Look down the hallway between the Art & Photo room and the Student Center. You will see several pieces of art, hanging on the walls between classroom doors. There are photographs, paintings, collages, and drawings, each with a talented artist behind it. When I walked down this hallway, I was amazed at the art and later came back in order to enjoy each piece. While I found all the pieces worth looking at, three pieces caught my eye a little bit more than the others. What these pieces all have in common is a sense of story, hidden or obvious.


The first piece is a photograph of two chalky hands, grabbing hold of a gymnastics bar. In this piece, it is the perspective, anonymity, and beige color scheme that captures the idea that there is more than meets the eye. In addition, the unique positions of the hands adds visual interest.


The second piece that caught my eye is a painting of a trail in a forest, winding towards the horizon. I find that the lighting, multi-colored sky, and wispy strokes of the trees are the captivating factors. The highlights are expertly added, as are the touches of orange and yellow in the leaves of the trees. The darkness at the edges sends one’s eyes to the canopy of the trees and suggests that all is not as it seems.


The third piece is a photograph of a skateboarder performing tricks for a crowd. The clarity of the performer against the blurry background of viewers, along with the speckled light on the makeshift stage and the chaotic color scheme, are what catch my eye. Even with the performer in focus, the face is foreshortened, and all that is gleaned from its expression is a clear focus.

These three pieces are not the only pieces with a sense of mystery. In fact, the majority of pieces in the second-floor hallway have a sensed but unseen story to accompany them. These three pieces are just a selection of those that I found interesting, and I encourage you to spend some time looking at other pieces in the hallway.

A Note to the Artists: I apologize if I have not showcased your piece to your liking or misinterpreted what it depicts. Please leave a comment so that others know what you want them to know about your piece.