By: Megan Lis

The Hate You Give is an amazing movie with a very important theme for people around the world today. The movie was released on October 5, 2018, immediately becoming a big hit in theaters with a 96% rate on rotten tomatoes. The main character is a sixteen-year-old girl named Starr who constantly has to switch between two lives. She lives in a poor black neighborhood that, unfortunately, has a high crime rate, along with gang violence. In contrast, she goes to a school in a predominately white, rich neighborhood. One night, Starr went out to a party and saw one of her old childhood friends, Khalil.  But suddenly the party ended abruptly when someone shot a gun. So, Jalil and Starr got into Jalil’s car as he was going to give her a ride home. After driving for only a couple minutes, they were pulled over by a cop. Starr tells Jalil to follow everything the cop says and not to argue, but he does. When Jalil wouldn’t follow all of the cops requests he asked him to step out of the car. The cop then went back to his car to write Kalil’s information down. As the officer was at his car, Jalil reached into the car window and pulled out what seemed to have looked like a “weapon” to the officer. In what seemed like a blink of an eye Kalil was on the ground bleeding and next to him was his hairbrush. After Kalil died the movie is about the aftermath of how Starr finds her voice and how she brings justice to him. It was not an easy task for her since many things were getting in the way of her speaking up, such as being afraid of the largest gang in their city. The Hate You Give is a movie based upon the injustice of our world, a story of community, family, bravery and speaking up for what you believe is right