By Charlotte Wasserman

Cleveland’s weather has once again chosen to go against the people and has gone downhill fast. Somehow, this year, Fall has been forgotten. The downside about this sitch we are in is that winter is coming. We have already started to see more bitterly cold bodies covered in blankets, hats, leggings, big sweaters and sweatshirts, and tall boots. Winter also means being cooped up inside the house a lot (but hopefully we make that better with a warm roaring fire in the fireplace). I don’t know about you, but my amount spent watching Netflix or TV starts to increase and take up more of my daily schedule. So, ‘tis the season to chat about our favorites when it comes to shows and movies to make sure this brrrazy (brrr + crazy) winter, that is coming down the pipe, is fun-filled. Before you go, please make sure to share your favorites, too!


The Office

I Am Beyonce.jpg

I think the Office is my favorite show of all time. I just finished it this past week, and I’ve never respected and loved a TV show more than it. The whole journey of Dunder Mifflin was such a mood. When I am older, I hope my office will act that way. I am constantly trying to figure out who is the Michael Scott, Pam, Jim, Dwight, and Phyllis of my life. Such a bop. If you don’t know by now, The Office is a documentary spoof of an office that sells paper and the life story of everyone that works there. It includes office drama, cute relationships, bad life choices that are funny as heck, and even surprisingly relatable moments.


Set It Up

Set It Up.jpg

Cute, perfect, modern love story with a happy ending. Set It Up is about two assistants, a girl and a guy, who try to play matchmakers to their bosses, so that they can (a) get a break and (b) make their bosses happy. Both of their bosses are stereotypical corporate executives: very mean, tough-love, nothing-is-good-enough, strong-hearted sort of people. I’m not going to spoil the ending, but one thing leads to another with the both bosses and the assistants. Watch it to find out what happens before I spoil it for you. This is my kind of movie to watch with a friend on a chill Saturday, order-in-food kind of night.


Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls.jpeg

This show is one of my favorite mother-daughter tv shows of all time. This show depicts the crazy life of a young mom and her high school daughter spending all of their time together in the cutest town of all time. Their strong relationship makes my heart feel cozy inside, and if you ever need a great show to watch with your mom, definitely pick this one. Gilmore Girls makes you laugh and even cry with a intriguing storylines and many plot twists along the way.


Candy Jar

Candy Jar.jpeg

Candy Jar is a movie about two high school students on the debate team going through the ups and downs of their senior year. It is a funny and inspirational story that can warm you up on a cold winter snowy day. I watched this a few weeks ago because I wanted a break from writing an essay and I found it randomly on Netflix. I ended up really liking it and felt more motivated to finish my essay.


I can feel the snow in the air; hopefully it won’t come down too hard! Also, now that spooky season is over, it’s time to start worrying about Thanksgiving and winter break. Make sure to work your hardest so you can have the best, most tv-filled, winter break ever. The countdown starts now: 34 days until a nice long break; the perfect time for catching up on the latest movies and shows.