By Loa Schriefer

Tibor de Nagy is a gallery located on 15 Rivington street on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, the home to many galleries. The gallery space has three different viewing areas, so three artists at the same time. It was established in 1950 by Tibor de Nagy a Hungarian art dealer who started collecting art when he was young. Unfortunately, his collection was destroyed during World War II when his house was demolished. After returning home to Budapest years later he was arrested by the Soviet secret police for trying to help the country reestablish their banking system. When he was released he came to the U.S. where he started a marionette company. His new company failed but received the praise of Jackson Pollock and Franz Kline and this experience motivated him to open the Tibor de Nagy Gallery.not.png 

This is a picture of Tibor de Nagy and his friend.

The gallery gained momentum by showing unique artist and poets. The current owner is Andrew Arnot who joined the gallery in 1989 after being mentored by Tibor de Nagy himself and became the owner after Tibor’s death in 1993. Andrew Arnot has put together hundreds of exhibitions as owner and the gallery currently represents 24 artists from all over the United States, both living and deceased. John Ashbery and Larry Rivers are two of the more famous people that Tibor de Nagy represents, the gallery also represents an artist from Cleveland Ohio. The artists get a chance to show their work in the gallery about every two years and their art is displayed for six weeks. The gallery shows modern and contemporary art from a range of skilled artists.