By: Caroline Cannon

When the news that the best player in the world was going to join the LA Lakers hit the streets of Cleveland in July 2018, fans were upset, but not surprised. Of course, there are many reasons as to why he left that could make a great article, but that’s now all in the past. What matters now to Cleveland Cavs fans is how this new team will try and move forward. Who will stand out as the new leaders? Will they become a playoff contending team? Read below to find out this author’s predictions for the 2018-2019 season.

With the obvious team leader leaving the team, the question of who will step up into that position is one that many are divided about. Will the five-time All-Star Kevin Love step up? What about the veteran, who everyone loves, Channing Frye? And who could forget about the other veteran sharp-shooter, Kyle Korver? Or, will a new face step up to the plate? There are multiple players who could lead this team, but two leaders prove to be the best candidates: Channing Frye and Kevin Love. It is no doubt that everyone on the team, and everyone in the city, loves Channing Frye. On and off the court he brings a fun and light atmosphere, yet also gets everyone energized and ready to work their best. It is no doubt in my mind that during practice, on the bench, and on the court, he will quickly become a leader. With Frye not being a common starter for games, though, that leaves another position for an on-court leader; a spot that will most likely be filled by Kevin Love. The five-time All-Star is arguably not what he used to be, yet the matter of the fact is that he’s now the best player on our team. This season will give him a chance to show off his talents, and he has already done so in the preseason games. He has quickly shown his leadership with the highest points per game and is now the team’s top scorer. Without the best player in the world leading the team, it is up to him to get his teammates in a good offense groove, and in the past October games, he has proven to do just that. With these two new leaders emerging, the Cavs might have an so-so year, but will these guys get them into the playoffs?

 For the first time in 4 years, Cleveland fans must think about how to get into the playoffs. From 2014-2017 that was no problem, thanks to the greatest player in the world, but now it becomes a major concern for Cavs fans. Multiple early predictions for the 2019 NBA playoffs have put the Cavs in a lottery spot, meaning they have a chance of making the playoffs but are not predicted to. Despite these reports, though, Cleveland fans should still have faith. If Kevin Love puts up the numbers he did when he was at his peak, with the Timberwolves in 2013, and the rest of this roster, specifically Larry Nance Jr., JR Smith, Kyle Korver, George Hill, Cedi Osman, and Jordan Clarkson prove to be good consistent players, they will pave the way to the playoffs. What would really help them get into the playoffs, though, is if they picked up a new star player. They are expected to have a big presence in the trade deals this season, and hopefully it can bring them something great!

With all this talk on social media surrounding the team, it is important for all Cleveland fans to support the Cavs! Cavs games are one of the best ways to spend a Friday night, and everyone should go out and support this awesome team! Go Cavs!