By: Helen Breen

For years the Cleveland Browns have been the laughingstock of the NFL but now that is changing. The Browns have been infamously bad since we got the expansion team in 1999, after Art Model had moved the team to Baltimore. Cleveland has had a plethora of bad quarterbacks starting with Tim Couch. They have made many bad draft picks like Johnny Manziel. Until September 9th the browns had had a very long losing streak. They had lost all of their games since December 25th 2016. Even though they did not win on the 9th they still tied. They finally won when they beat the Jets on September 20th. Two years is a very long time to have a losing streak, the Browns became the but to almost every sports joke and because they were the worst team they got on the NFL show ‘Hard Knocks’. There is a long road ahead for the Browns but they are getting better. Baker Mayfield has become our hope for the future. Last week the Browns beat the Ravens 12 to 9 in overtime. While the Vince Lombardi trophy may not come to Cleveland this year there is hope for the future of the Browns. With our record at 2-3-2 there is renewed hope in the Browns. The Browns are off to a great year and Art Model is rolling around in his grave now. Let’s Go Browns!