By: Linda Yu

  1. Always Human


Always Human is one of the best love stories I’ve read. It’s set in the 22nd century, and technology has developed so much that people can use “mods” to modify everything from their hair color to their focus to their allergies. The main characters are two girls, Sunati and Austen, who encounter each other one day at the train station and end up dating. What I love about it is that it isn’t a stereotypical, blindly-falling-in-love story. Always Human does a great job of portraying real life interactions, and both Sunati and Austen get a lot of character development throughout the story. The story also includes a lot of LGBT characters. In fact, I cannot recall if there are any straight characters.

2. unOrdinary


Set in a world where almost everyone has a superpower, unOrdinary follows the stories of Josh, a powerless “cripple” and Seraphina, the most powerful girl who holds the position of “Ace” at their elite high school. As the story progresses, the characters find themselves reflecting on their past, defying authority, and facing moral dilemmas. Also, the government may or may not be hiding something.

3. Aerial Magic


Aerial Magic is about the daily life of an apprentice witch. People in SREP may be able to relate to this webcomic, as our main character struggles to fit in with the people at the shop where she is apprenticed and also has no idea what she’s doing when she first arrives. She also cannot read magic spells, and so she uses a spirit named Puppy to read for her instead. Over time, she becomes more friendly with the other workers. Aerial magic is on hiatus now, but the second season will come out soon.

4. Cat Loaf Adventures


Cat loaf adventures is the perfect webtoon to read when you really need something to brighten your day. The name is pretty self-explanatory. The three main characters are Cat Loaf, Tabs, and Rye Loaf. Cat Loaf is really funny (if slightly empty-headed) and always wants to go on an adventure and make friends. Tabs is sweet and timid, and will always defend their friends. Rye Loaf appears grumpy, but is actually very smart and comes up with great puns. Speaking of puns, get bready for all the puns in this adorable story!