By Shira Rosenberg

While many returning HB students are over the food served at lunch, to most new students, lunches here are much better than most other schools. But let’s find out what HB students really think of the school lunches…

In a survey, fish was the most commonly responded food when asked what we could get rid of at lunch. Although, it seemed that all the stations at lunch are well-liked and that it gives a very good variety to the picky eaters. Also, when asked how the lunches can improve, many of the answers alluded to more kid-friendly and picky-eater friendly lunches, more similar to that of the prime menus, as well as more options, rather than a two-week rotation. The main criticism I saw in the survey was a negative response to having salad in the hot lunch line, as we already have a salad bar.

But on the opposite side, there are many more positive aspects of HB’s lunches. Some responses of people’s favorite lunches included pasta, ravioli, tortellini, pierogies, and breakfast for lunch.

I personally think that HB lunches are pretty good, at least much better than the options at other schools and that it is great to have so many choices. But you might think otherwise. Fill out this survey to give your input!