Last month was gay history month, and since I missed my chance to make a playlist for that month, I thought that I would make a playlist in honor of the end of our year, twentygayteen. So, I made a playlist of gay female artists, it’s pretty good.

I called it “Big Dyke Energy” after a meme with a similar title became popular. Historically, dyke originated as a slur for a lesbian; but more recently it has begun to be reclaimed and embraced by lesbians as a term of pride and empowerment. That being said, if you aren’t a lesbian you probably shouldn’t use it. Thanks for coming to my ted talk. 

Some of my favorites on the playlist include:

  • Lovin’ Is Bible — The Aces
  • California Friends — The Regrettes
  • Like You Like That —  L Devine
  • Love is Love — Starley

So if you only listen to a few songs, make sure it’s one of those.

A special shoutout to Grace Amjad for coming up with the title, easily her best work yet.

Playlist Link: Big Dyke Energy