By: Sejal Sangani

As we head into the third full month of the school year, I often find myself getting more stressed than I thought was possible. Here’s a list of 11 apps & websites that help me make it through November. Check them out, they might help you too! (if not, this never happened, I was never here.)

  1. anxietyhelper

anxietyhelper is an app that was created to provide mental health resources & information for anyone who is interested. While there are specific services targeted towards those with mental illness, the app provides tools, tips, & websites for coping & learning more about mental health awareness.

2. Calm (

Calm is a meditation app & website with over 100 guided meditation sessions. It also has “Sleep Stories” & music tracks to calm you down or help you fall asleep.

3. DailyGood (

DailyGood is a news website that you might find particularly appealing if you are looking for something wholesome to brighten your day. It has news stories that exclusively cover positive topics & inspiring stories!

4. Soundrown ( & (

These two websites provide white noise to help you focus, center yourself or just to have in the background. Soundrown has a variety of different noises including coffee shop, fire, & nature, while is only rain, which I find particularly calming.

5. Silk (

Silk is an “interactive generative art” website. You can drag your mouse around to draw pictures in geometric patterns using a bunch of soothing colors & symmetry templates.

6. Relaxing Snow (

You can use this website to wind down by watching a snowy scene unfold on your laptop screen. There is also optional “relaxing music” to play in the background!

7. Blah Therapy (

Blah Therapy is an resource for online counseling. You can talk to volunteers or speak to a licensed therapist for a small fee. (Please note that this is not the best resource if you are in crisis. In this case, please call 1-800-273-TALK).

8. Casanova (

This is a game where you stretch a little giraffe’s neck to reach a taller giraffe’s head so it can give the taller one a kiss! What could possibly be cuter?

9. The Calming Manatee (

Okay, I lied. This one might take the cake for cuteness. The Calming Manatee gives you a cute picture of a manatee & a positive message. There’s no way to have a bad day after that.

10. 7 Cups

7 Cups is similar to Blah Therapy, except it is an app. You can reach out to volunteers, professionals, or participate in group forums to discuss your mental health.

11. Headspace (

Headspace is a meditation app & website that provides guided meditation sessions & shorter meditation programs for busy people (aka literally all of us)!