By Abby Morgan

Takes on Horror and Thriller movies.  Sure, there are some that give you a good thrill. However there some duds out there.  In this article, I want to share with you anonymous favorites of people and why that thriller is their favorite.  Here are the responses from our fellow peers.


  1. “My favorite movie is Freddy vs Jason and I love it because it’s so funny.  It is supposed to be scary but it was just plain hilarious. My favorite part is when one of the people turns into a worm and that cracks me up.  If this movie was made to scare people, then it just did not do that. Still my favorite though.”



Freddy vs. Jason:  Most of you know the famous Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees.  Well this movie is a face off of these two horrifying characters.  How freaky is that?


  1. “I think the Others is my favorite because it’s really trippy and there’s some major twists.  It was creepy when the mom realizes that the little boy named Victor is real.”


The Others: Grace, her mom, and her brother move to the English coast in World War Two.  While her mom tries to find her husband, the kids catch a weird disease where the sun harms them.  This movie is about them all discovering that they can see ghosts.


  1.  “I like IT because it’s really scary but also has some funny hidden jokes.  My favorite part is of course when they trash Pennywise at the end.”




IT: Every 27 years, a clown comes to scare the children in Derry, Maine.  Seven small kids investigate for one of their brothers who was taken by this clown named Pennywise.  The kids, who are in high school, use every nerve they have to try and conquer this cruel monster.

  1. “The Visit because it’s really funny and scary at the same time.  My favorite part is the happy ending. I can only watch horror movies if they have a happy ending.”



The Visit: A brother and a sister from a small village take the bus to meet their maternal grandparents.  They discover a disturbing secret of the grandparents, which flips the whole movie around. (I’m not going to spoil!)


  1. “The Babadook.  It was really good when all the girls were with the ouija board and seemed like they were possessed.  Another good one is Veronica.”




The Babadook: A single mother deals with her son’s fear of creepy spirits around the house.  She soon discovers this to be true.


  1. “The Shining is my favorite horror movie because it keeps me on the edge of my seat and has a lot of funny moments.”


The Shining: This one is about a dad who has a psychic son who sees evil spirits.  He becomes the caretaker of a hotel and learns of many creepy creatures


Stuck at home on Halloween night? Don’t want to pass out candy or get some yourself? You should watch a horror movie, then you will be in for a real treat!  I hope this list of favorites was helpful for anyone who was stuck deciding or needed more Halloween Spirit in their lives!