By: Eleina Salgia

How to Avoid Doing Work:

I am the most creative person when it comes to procrastination. This is often viewed as being negative, however remember, you do have talent if you procrastinate. And yes, you can procrastinate on finding your talent. I will basically do anything to avoid doing actual work. For example, right now I am writing this article to avoid studying for history. I am using a method that I like to call productive procrastination. Showering, eating, and sleeping are all examples of this popular method. Productive procrastination is not really wasting time because you are still doing necessary things. After lacrosse practice, instead of doing homework right away, I take a shower. I could be doing homework, but at some point I have to take a shower anyways, so I’m not really wasting time. Sleeping is also necessary and sleeping for hours and hours in the middle of the day is proven, by me, to be good for your health.  Another method is learning new things to avoid doing what you have to. An example of this is when I expanded my vocabulary by watching Netflix with subtitles. I also bettered my Spanish through watching Mariana and Jesus in The Fosters. The last type of procrastination, and my personal favorite, is just wasting time by doing useless things. Instead of doing math homework, I like to watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Hulu, and rather than studying for history, I will watch New Girl. Talking to friends over the phone is how I avoid Spanish, English, and Chemistry. This is always a great idea because it improves my mood and wastes a ton of time. A ton. People will try to call you lazy for procrastinating, but don’t be fooled, they are doing the exact same thing.

Over the summer, I worked at CWRU for SREP and I walked in on my PI playing candy crush on his phone. He is one of the most successful, hard working people I know, yet he still wastes time instead of doing his work. This proves that people who procrastinate can still intelligent, contrary to popular belief. If people call you lazy for delaying a task, don’t let it affect you. Procrastination is paving a way to success.