By: Kat Lynch

We all know how stressful the start of school can be! Leaving your tan and summer behind, its time to get back to work, but it is important to make sure you have some sort of outlet to de- stress for a little bit per day. Some great things are:


1. Going to yoga

Yoga is a great way to de-stress, as during the class your Yogi will force you to forget about everything else outside of the studio. Also, many yoga studios in our area offer student discounts, so make sure to check that out!


2. Coloring

I was at first skeptical that this actually would take my mind off of things but buying an adult coloring book and doing one page a day really helps! You are so focused on staying inside of the lines that you end up forgetting about how much homework you have and what tests you have the next day!


3. Playing with animals

It is actually proven that animals help humans de- stress! If you have a dog, go play fetch with him for a little bit. You could also just sit and pet them, and your mind will be taken off all of your woes. Horseback riding is also another great way to de-stress if you have that available to you.


4. Meditating

This is one of the most common ways to de- stress, but sometimes can feel silly. Just get in a comfortable position and go on YouTube or get an app that will take you through a guided mediation!


5. Reading a book

For some people, books can just remind them off all the schoolwork they have to do,  but if you are an avid reader, reading book of choice will take you into someone else’s world for a little bit and will allow you to escape the homework that is catching up to you.


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