By Daria Gitiforooz

Happy Hispanic Heritage Month! As a student of Señora Redfern’s, one of the things I can guarantee you will learn in her class is that Cinco de Mayo is NOT Mexican Independence Day. What is odd, however, is that I have spent pretty much my whole life thinking that it was, and no one around me knew enough about the event to ever correct me.

So, here are some real facts about Mexican Independence Day:

  • Independence Day is actually on September 16th!
  • Mexicans revolted against the Spaniards on this day, and their independence started with the Cry of Dolores, when, on the morning of September 16, Roman Catholic Priest Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla rang the bell of his church and triggered the Mexican War of Independence
  • The bell signified Mexico’s desire for independence from Spain, and it inspired people to revolt against the Spanish government
  • This special moment of ringing the independence bell is still reenacted today every Sept. 16!
  • Mexico’s independence was not actually declared until September 28, but until then, Hidalgo and his army fought hard for independence
  • Hispanic Heritage Month starts on September 15th, which commemorates the independence of the five Latin American countries: Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras. Mexico celebrates their independence a day later!