By: Jessica Bruening

Even though it’s starting to feel like an eternity since we were on summer break, we still have a few more weeks of warm weather to enjoy before it starts to get really cold. Here are some things you can when you have some free time before the winter weather hits.

  1. See a drive in movie

Drive in movies are great because it’s like being in a movie theater but you can lay down and you don’t have to hide your outside snacks on the way in. I recommend taking the largest car that you have access to so you have a good view and plenty of room to spread out. Also, I have learned from experience that you should make sure you know how to turn off all of your lights before you go because otherwise you will get yelled at.  

  1. Do homework outside

You know homework is going to devour all of your free time anyway, so you might as well sit outside and enjoy the weather while you work. It’s a good change of scenery, especially when you’ve been sitting in your room all day and are only seconds away from losing your mind.

  1. Go out for ice cream

I personally believe ice cream should be enjoyed year round, but the experience is even better when it’s not freezing outside. There will be lots of fall seasonal flavors coming out soon, like Mitchell’s Autumn Caramel Apple and Pumpkin Spice, and it’s impossible to have too much Mitchell’s ice cream.  

  1. Take a walk and see how many dogs you can find/pet.

In my personal opinion, dogs are the greatest creatures on the planet, so if you’re feeling sad or overwhelmed, I recommend taking a walk or run in an area where you know there will be a lot of dogs. Or, if you have your own dog, you can just play with him or her. It is guaranteed to make you feel better.

  1. Make s’mores

Bonfires are a great thing to do this time of year because even if it’s a little colder at night, you’ll be able to stay warm. And there’s really no point in having a fire if you’re not going to make s’mores. You can also skip the entire process of making a fire and just roast marshmallows with your stove top, and they will be equally as good.

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