By: Sydney Deegan

We live our lives with the same routine everyday. Or at least I do. Waking up, going to school, going to practice, doing my homework, and of course falling asleep way too late because of my homework, only to wake up and do it all again. I’ve recently been reflecting on this constant routine.

My dad tells me everyday before I leave for school, “Carpe Diem” or in other words “seize the day.” I used to just brush this off and leave for school, but I started thinking about it more and more as I got older. Most people have heard the saying “live everyday like it’s your last,” or something along those lines. But if I were actually living my last day on earth, I’d probably be on a plane right now on my way to Sydney, Australia (which is still on my bucket list, hence the name). So how do we actually live everyday like it’s our last? How do we seize the day if we have to wake up, go to school, do our homework, repeat?

I often look at social media influencers and see that they are traveling the world and “making the life they want” for themselves and, of course, I’m always jealous. Because who wouldn’t be? They’re halfway across the world roaming streets in Europe while I’m looking at their vacation pictures in the middle of class (sorry to my teachers reading this). I like to think I’m a spontaneous person and I try to be as often as I can. I’ll have random ice cream runs with friends or watch movies on school nights (crazy, right?). But we are still in this loop, and I don’t know about you, but I sometimes feel stuck.

Sometimes I want to drop everything and just drive with no destination or escape reality. But for obvious reasons I can’t just leave my life. So it’s the same everyday: waking up at the same time, only to ask myself the same question of “how do I ‘seize’ today.” To be honest, I still haven’t figured that out. I never know how we can seize the day. I’m very lucky to live the life I live and be surrounded by family and friends, but sometimes I find myself wanting more. I don’t know if that’s fair to say or even want, but I find myself day after day wanting to explore. I want to “make the life I want”. Maybe with time and patience I will eventually, but for now I leave you this question: how will you seize the day?

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