By Claire Adornato

This past summer I went on the Australia exchange program. I had always wanted to go to Australia my whole life so this trip seemed like a no brainer. The plane ride was long, but definitely worth it. My trip consisted of exploring Sydney, going on “holiday”(that’s what they call vacation), and going to their school, Ravenswood. I made friends with other exchange students from Germany and New Zealand as well as many Australians. I saw and did many interesting and fun things throughout my trip, but there are a few that are unquestionably my favorite.

Climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge is one of my top three without a doubt. Before climbing, I got to see pictures of hundreds of celebrities that also climbed the Sydney Bridge. Prince Harry and the Modern Family cast are just a couple of examples. While I climbed, the leader would point out different buildings and say interesting facts. So, as I climbed I got to see amazing views, and also learned more about Sydney. They took many pictures of us to ensure that we would not forgot this memorable experience.


Another favorite thing I did was go to the Australian Outback Spectacular, a dinner and show combo. It looks like an arena with the show happening in the middle and the large audience bordering it. It was so much fun, and they even give you a nice cowboy hat to keep.

Last but not least was the Blue Mountains. The Blue Mountains are so beautiful and definitely a sight to see. There are many different paths to walk to and hike as well. My host family and I took advantage of all of the different paths and hiked for hours.


While I do miss being in Australia, I am excited for the Australian exchange students to come to Cleveland. I’m curious to see what they think about pumpkin spice lattes, the Cavaliers, and of course Hathaway Brown. I can’t wait until they come,I know that one day I am definitely going to go back to Australia!



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