By Kate Hickey

I would hate to be Brett Kavanaugh’s daughter. In the midst of the ever growing #MeToo movement and recent sexual allegations against Supreme Court of the United States Nominee Brett Kavanaugh, it’s difficult to make decisions between blurring lines. It’s hard to make a firm decision regarding the accusations, as there are many variables that seem to come into play each day. When there is talk of sexual harassment, there is always the inevitable victimization. With the amounting uncertainty of this case, it’s difficult to identify the real victim: is it Brett Kavanaugh, or is the women that have come forth with sexual allegations? Upon reading article after article explaining both sides of the story, I thought to myself, what about Brett Kavanaugh’s family? I remember watching the president’s official SCOTUS nomination ceremony. Kavanaugh’s family of two daughters and his wife accompanied him to center stage with nervous smiles and shy excitement. His daughters hugged their father with genuine affection and looked at him like he was the answer to all of the world’s problems. What could they possibly be going through at this very moment? I do not know if Kavanaugh is innocent or guilty, but I do know that his family is probably having a difficult time getting a good night’s sleep. Imagine the adversity and uncertainty his daughters are enduring each day as they walk the halls of their own schools. The stares, the mistreatment, the bias they face must be exhausting. In the midst of the time in between, what are the girls thinking about their father? He was their hero—has that view become tainted, or does it remain above them in all that they do? I would hate to be Brett Kavanaugh’s daughter-what are they going through? What do they think and feel about their father? Are they sympathetic to the women’s cases as young women? The uncertainty that lies ahead calls into question morals, facts, secrets and fears from the past, as well as a question of character? Are Brett Kavanaugh’s daughters feeling similar to the women of the case? Are they empathetic for their cause? I would hate to be Brett Kavanaugh’s daughter.