By Evelyn Burdsall

There are many ways friends can affect your life in both negative and positive ways, whether the people who you consider friends have been with you since elementary school or since middle school or for even a few weeks. According to Urban Dictionary the definition of a friend is someone who you love, cherish, trust, who’s honest and loyal when you need them the most…and who you are there for  when they need you the most.

In my personal experience, whenever I was upset, sad, quiet or not being my usual happy and enthusiastic self my friends would always catch on quickly, and always try to help. My amazing friends have always been there for me whenever I needed them the most, or when I didn’t even know when I needed them until they helped me, and everything in between.  Some of my friends are better at making me laugh then others, some just let me talk about what I am thinking, and others just help me feel better without even trying.

However, some friends can also have an negative impact on your life, for example, sometimes the people who you thought were the greatest in the world can peer pressure you into doing something that you personally don’t want to do because you want to make them happy.  Or maybe some of them push you down even harder when you need their help to pull yourself back up. Finally, another example of a negative friendship is when one of your closet friends purposefully makes you feel bad about who you are and what makes you unique on a regular basis. In my experience the best way to deal with that kind of friend is to just let them go. You should have friends who make you feel loved, safe, and wanted, not sad and lonely whenever you are with them.

You should also be a good friend in return to the ones whom you consider to be friends as well. To be the best friend you could be, you should be trustworthy of their secrets no matter if they are big or small. From everything to who they have a crush on to when their parents are having family problems they should trust you with their secrets. Also you should make them feel loved, wanted, and cherished every second that they are with you. You should not push them down because you want to feel good about yourself, because if you keep pushing them down then eventually they will either do it to you when you need to be pulled up or decide that you are not worth their time or friendship.  In my experience, it is important to find a friend who treats you in the same way that you treat them. So even if you are upset are sad one day but are nice and trusting most days they will help you up, and vice versa.

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