By Audrey Wallner

A good movie marathon is always a good thing to do during the fall with your friends, family, or just yourself! In this article you can find some of the best movies to watch this fall, so this includes some Halloween movies and some that take place in the fall.

#1 Hocus Pocus (1993)- PG



This iconic Halloween movie is definitely a must watch this fall.

Plot: A teenager named Max Dennison moves to Salem, Massachusetts and explores an abandoned house that’s rumored to be haunted. He goes into the house with his sister Dani, and his new friend Allison. When they’re in the house, Max accidentally frees a group of evil witches who lived in the house. Now the kids must steal the witches’ spell book to stop them from becoming immortal.

#2 The Blind Side (2009)- PG-13

blind side


A homeless 17-year-old, named Michael is taken in by a family. The movie shows how their bond grows between Michael and the family.

#3 Ghostbusters (1984)- PG



Three scientists decide to create a team that fights against the supernatural for money. While doing this they find a gateway to another dimension that will allow evil beings to come through and destroy New York City. The Ghostbusters then must save New York City.

#4 Beetlejuice (1988)- PG



After Barbara and Adam Maitland die in a car crash, they haunt their country house and can’t leave it. Then a new family, the Deeztes and teen daughter Lydia buy the house and move in. The Maitlands try to scare the Deeztes, so they leave their home. While trying to scare them away they attract a spirit called Beetlejuice that tries to “help” the Maitlands. Beetlejuice’s help becomes dangerous for the Maitlands and Lydia Deeztes.

#5 The Addams Family- (1991)- PG-13



A man claims to be Fester Addams when his mother, Tully (is a lawyer too) needs to pay back a loan shark. Fester tries to break into the Addams family vault, but it is hard for Fester-imposter to pose as Fester because the Addams family is like no other. After the Fester-imposter and Tully gets the Addams family evicted from their home, they are forced to interact with the outside world. The Addams family’s house is full of dark magic and it’s hard for them to adapt to the outside family.


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