What Are the Odds?

By Ella Van Niel

The Cleveland Indians’ postseason is approaching, which I’m sure you’re all aware of, and are eagerly awaiting. You probably find yourself wondering how the team will do this year. Well the answer is, not that well. I predict we lose in the very first round of the playoffs. For one thing, we’re probably going to play the Houston Astros, the 2017 World Series Champions, and that does not bode well. Also, we’ve had a lot of injuries this season, and our bullpen went from being the best in baseball last year to one of the worst. But instead of giving you all the other reasons why we’re not going to do well this postseason, I’ll tell you why I’ll love the Indians no matter what.

My friends never understand why I like baseball. So many of them, even after I drag them to games or text them long essays about why it’s better than all other sports, still say that it’s just too boring. And chances are, you’re probably thinking that too. But, baseball is only boring when you don’t pay attention to the details. Sure, home runs are fun, but what’s even more redeeming is predicting a sac-bunt or watching a pitcher recover from being down 3 and 0 to get the strikeout. I still love going to games, even when we lose, because every little moment in baseball plays a part in the outcome of the game.

As much as I’d like to be optimistic about our chances this year, I’ve earned the right to be cynical. I had to listen the Chicago Cubs fans mocking our pitcher, Trevor Bauer, for cutting his finger while building drones during the playoffs in 2016. I was there that same year when the Indians went from being up 3 games in the World Series to losing it all to the whole country’s favorite team, the Cubs. I was on the dead-silent train leaving Progressive Field that night. Even so, I love the Indians because the outcome of a single season doesn’t matter to me. I love just being there and watching those small details every game. I love knowing that I’ll get to be there again next year…when we’ll probably lose again.

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