From Tastemade’s Tiny Kitchen series to countless Instagram accounts dedicated to tiny houses, it is clear to see that people are obsessed with miniature versions of everyday sights. The worldwide fascination may sprout from the fact that these videos embody the Japanese culture of appreciation of cuteness, called kawaii. However, this obsession might have an even deeper meaning. These videos and pictures stir up childhood memories of playing in a dollhouse and remind people of a more carefree time. Dollhouses and false luxury allow people to step out of their own lives and into another. It allows people to build the lives they aren’t able to have and lets them feel like they have control over something. Tiny things provide people with the ability to let go of reality and dive into a world that they create.

Mini Pumpkin Pie:

mini pumpkin pie.png

Tastemade Mini Acai Bowl:

tastemade mini acai bowl.png

Tatsuya Tanka:

tatsuya tanka.png

Keyboard Caps:

keyboard caps.png

Bento Monsters:

bento monsters.png

Mini Homes:

mini homes.png

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Reporting not for school, but for life.

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