By Marian Searby


A recent trend has been circulating the internet. Moth memes. Memes circulating of moths and their obsession with lamps and light. At the first meme, I had a slight laugh. The second one was funny also. By the time I saw the third meme, I was over it. These memes clog my feed as I search for real comedic relief. I find insects disgusting and seeing all of these memes of such a disgusting creature I found myself wondering, what is the purpose of the moth? It seemed their only purpose was to chew holes in sweaters and be pests. I did a little research because this couldn’t be true. What I found truly blew my mind. Moths are actually essential for seed production and help pollinate plants.

The worst of this new meme, was a video of a giant moth. I wanted to delete my Instagram account.  Yet, I did not. The internet and our generation moves so quickly from one thing to the next, this deplorable moth phase would soon be over. If you feel very strongly, do not hesitate to protest. For example, one girl commented on a moth meme from the account MemeLord and said: “Can all of the meme accounts actually stop doing Moth memes it’s not funny and it’s time for something actually funny.” Thank you itsssophieeee, your efforts to shut down this heinous outpouring of moths are not going unnoticed. So if you find yourself in a similar position to me or many random Instagram commenters just remember, this too shall pass.

This one is kind of funny… (but I will still not dignify it with a LOL)

image3Some of the worst…



I simply just don’t understand the meme above.


The car salesman memes are pretty funny actually but moths are so gross I cannot appreciate this.


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