By: Sejal Sangani and Maria Brown

If you don’t know, Ms. Lewis is a new English teacher this year. She teaches 3 sections of AP Lang, and 1 section of Freshman English. So far, she’s been super sweet, funny, helpful, and a great teacher. We love her, but don’t tell her we said that! We asked her a few questions to learn more about her and see how her first few weeks at HB have gone. Here are her answers!

First impression of HB?

Everyone is really nice and smart! I wish I could have gone to school here. Also, Mr. Frazier got me donuts for making it through the first week and that was really kind.

Favorite place to go out to eat in Cleveland?

I haven’t really been to many places, but Melt.

What do you do when you’re stressed out?

Take baths, get massages, and cuddle with my dogs!


Guilty pleasure?

Taking naps, but is it a guilty pleasure if I don’t feel guilty about it?

Pet peeve?

People who use “that” instead of “who” to describe a person in their writing. Also, when my boyfriend eats string cheese and leaves the wrapper on the table overnight.

Favorite vine?

You spilled LIPSTICK? In my sjsdgjsdhfdshfs* Valentino white bag?

* (hi it’s Sejal I don’t know how to spell that noise but I tried, okay?!)

One thing people might not know about you?

When I was ten, I bred and showed guinea pigs at the Solano County Fair. I won with the Peruvian Satin Guinea Pig.

Favorite TV show?

Orphan Black and Rupaul’s Drag Race

(Sejal highly approves)

Ms. Lewis is an awesome English teacher and we are very lucky that she decided to join the HB faculty this year.  Please make sure that you say “hi” to her if you pass her in the hall, because coming to a new school can be extremely scary. I know that when I (Maria) came to HB as a freshman, I was terrified.  We need to take this opportunity to welcome new teachers and students into our HB community and really “embrace the power of YOU in the community.”


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