By: Helen Breen

Fall is such a wonderful time of the year, there are so many places to go and things to do. I have narrowed the Top 5 Places that you should go this fall.

Patterson’s Fruit Farm — Patterson’s is the perfect place to hang out with friends (and Family). At Pattersons there are so many fun things to do. They also have amazing food such as Donuts and Pies. I would definitely recommend stopping by Patterson’s before winter comes.
Halloweekend at Cedar Point — Cedar Point is such a fun place to go in general, but on the weekends in the fall they have Halloweekends. There is the typical rides but there is also really fun and scary haunted houses too.
Cleveland Browns Game — The browns might not yet be the best team in the NFL but they are very close. Even if they do not win it is still a very fun sports game to go to and it will hold you over until the Cavs start playing.
Cleveland Indians Playoff Game: The Indians have been doing very well the last couple seasons and this year they are again in the Playoffs. Indians games are such fun things to go to and the closer they are to winning the pennant the better the games are.
A Haunted House — I am ending off this list with something that can be a little freaky but a lot of fun. Haunted houses are the one thing that I believe that everyone should go to this fall. There are a lot of good ones near us too which is always a plus.

I know I will probably be going to all of these places before Fall is over. I hope by reading this you will now want to go to some or all of these places this fall.

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