By: Abby Morgan


Cedar Point absolutely fits its nickname, “America’s Roller Coast”.  Whether you’re on a thrilling coaster, eating a delicious chocolate covered banana, or annoyed because it’s the hundredth time you’ve heard an employee say “all clear and outta here”, the amusement park never has you bored.  For anyone who’s a coaster fan, the rides are always the favorite. Here are my top five rides at Cedar Point, and I strongly believe that you should agree with me.


You know this one when you see it.  The big dark blue one right by the lake.  When you get in the cart, you know that you’re going to head up that hill fast.  As you slowly creep up to the top of the peak, your heart races, knowing your stomach is about to drop at a million miles an hour.  This ride is a good time because you are constantly twisting and turning while also conquering gigantic hills. This ride would be higher on the list if it was just a bit more smooth, as it can be rocky at times.  This one is totally recommended, and is a classic thriller of Cedar Point.

4.)  Valravn

The Varlravn is one of Cedar Point’s relatively new rides as of 2016.  It is calm, smooth, but excites you with its three second hang over the hill before you drop down at an incredibly fast pace.  The front row on this ride is worth the wait. The second mini hill gives you almost as good a a Sure, you get a bug in your face every once in a while, but the ride will make its way into a high spot on your list.

3.) Steel Vengeance

This ride is the only one at Cedar Point that goes upside down along with being wooden.  It’s also very long, so the thrill lasts for about three minutes! It is the newest coaster as of this year.  You may think that this coaster is rough because it is wooden, but it is actually one of the smoothest at Cedar Point.  As you gracefully sail through the unique wooden tunnels of this ride, you won’t want it to ever stop. Even though the trek up to the top of the first hill is slow, loud, and long, the other features of the ride make up for that part.  I think that the number two, the Maverick, will excite you even more.

2.) Maverick

This feisty ride takes you on a delightful yet scary journey.  You will find it to be a firecracker of a ride, as it constantly twists and turn upside down and sideways.  Not to mention, it has very comfortable seat belts. SPOILER ALERT: The moment when you accelerate out the black hole of a tunnel is horrifying and fun at the same time.  A pleasant surprise includes the whiff of maple syrup you get towards the end of the ride. This one will undoubtedly stun you with its magnificent ability to entertain.

1.) Dragster

Though this ride is only 17 seconds long, it will be the best seconds of your time at Cedar Point.  The speed peaks at 120 miles per hour! You will think to scream, but you will be too shocked to do so.  This ride does seem like it’s enjoyable, but it’s so exhilarating that you will think that it’s totally awesome at the end.  Each time you spiral up Cedar Point’s steepest hill, your stomach drops! This ride sometimes breaks down, so get on it when you can because it’s the best time at Cedar Point!