By: Bailey Sparacia

The Cleveland Browns, who are now 1-1-1, played against the New Orleans Saints two Sundays ago. All around, it was a messy football game. Drew Brees overthrew and under threw, which is not normal for the top 10 quarterback. There were turnovers and drops, and overall, it was not an interesting game. With the final being 21-18, the game was not high scoring. Zane Gonzalez missed four of his attempts, some being extra points, which cost the Browns eight points in total. Unfortunately, these misses ended up costing the Browns their first win of the season. The Saints, on the bright side, are start their season 1-1, which means this season is the first time since 2015 that they have not gone 0-2.

Zane Gonzalez is now a free agent with the Browns signing Greg Joseph. Apparently, he played with a groin injury, but Hue Jackson was not told that he had an injury at all. As a Saints fan, I am happy that they won, but it was not an exciting game. It was messy and low scoring, which made the game difficult to watch.

A week ago on September 20th, the Browns finally won their first game. Tyrod Taylor got hurt, but Baker Mayfield stepped up to the plate and won the game for the Browns. Since then, Baker Mayfield has been named the starting quarterback for the Browns. Tyrod Taylor has since been cleared from his concussion, but was not able to be the backup in the game on the 30th against the Oakland Raiders. Although I may be a Saints fan, I am still looking forward to the Browns getting more wins this season and becoming a better team overall.