By: Megan Lis and Tara Capers

Hey it’s Megan and Tara! Happy Fall! To celebrate, we wanted to cook something that reminded us of all there is to love in this season. We decided to cook a Pumpkin Pull-Apart Loaf. The image online looked really good, and we hope ours turns out that way.

You can view the recipe here on the retrospect website:

As Megan and I attempted to make this pull apart bread, everything seemed to come together exactly like the recipe said, until it was time to bake it. The recipe called for 25 minutes in the oven, at 350 degrees. After we had let the bread bake for 25 minutes we took it out and let it cool for around 20 minutes. We noticed that after letting it cool for that amount of time that maybe the bread had not been cooked all the way through. So, we decided to put it back in the oven for around another 25 minutes.

We eventually gave up, and decided to just put the frosting on, and try some of the pieces that were cooked all the way. It ended up tasting pretty good, for all that we could eat.

Our final conclusions of this baking experiment are that you should never trust the time the recipe calls for in the oven. We also can conclude that pumpkin spice will leave a lovely scent throughout your kitchen.

After trying this new recipe Tara and I decided that we would not recommend making the pumpkin pull apart bread. Although, it looked pretty and some pieces of it tasted good, it was definitely not cooked the whole way through. Overall, Tara and I say for us this recipe was a flop but don’t let that stop you guys from giving it a shot!

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