by Violet Webster

With eight Primetime Emmy’s nominations and a Golden Globe to its name, it’s no wonder that so many people, including myself, have binged the hilarious workplace comedy. This is why I’ve decided to rate the main cast on a scale of 1-10. Read on to find out what your favorite character earned!

Leslie Knope


Though overprotective and slightly annoying at times, her dedication to her friends, job, and, of course, waffles made me forgive her for her early faults. Not to mention, Amy Poehler is comedy genius as Leslie and she is the perfect edition to an already perfect TV show.

Ron Swanson


Words that come to mind when thinking of Ron Swanson: Icon, Steak, Breakfast, and Mustache. After thorough analysis, this author can find no flaws.

Tom Haverford


He’s irritating and bit sleazy, but we love him anyway.

April Ludgate


Her dark sense of humor paired with her blatant disregard for any work ethic made us love her from the start. Not to mention her relationship with Andy is complete goals.

Andy Dwyer


My favorite example of the “lovable idiot” TV trope, Andy’s undying optimism, sincerity, and love for everyone brighten every screen. He and April are adorable, and hey, it doesn’t hurt that he’s played by Chris Pratt.

Ann Perkins


Whether known as a “cunning, pliable, chestnut-haired sunfish” or “beautiful unicorn nurse”, Ann Perkins is no doubt a person worthy of Leslie’s everlasting love.

Jerry Gergich


Jerry? Gary? Larry? Terry? Who knows, but he’s all around a solidly medium person.

Donna Meagle


We will always be in debt to Donna for giving us an excuse to spend way too much money on every shopping trip. TREAT YO SELF.

Ben Wyatt


If you ever need to impress an accounting firm, calzone enthusiasts, or perhaps a roomful of Game of Thrones fans, Ben Wyatt is your guy. He had a late start to the show, only joining at the end of season 2, but we never get tired of seeing him glance into the camera with mild concern.

Chris Traeger


Also a late comer, Chris won our hearts with his charisma and positivity.  He can flash us his patented finger-guns anytime!

Mark Brendanawicz


After leaving the show after only two seasons, Mark was forgettable at best. Sorry man.

Jean-Ralphio Saperstine


Jean-Ralphio is, in this author’s opinion, a human form of a trash bag.

Jeremy Jamm


Our least favorite orthodontist/city-Councilman we wish we could push him into a pool every day.



I honestly didn’t think I could rate anyone lower than Jamm, but then I remembered Orin. No. Just no.

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