by Jala Everett

Recently Netflix released a movie called Nappily Ever After starring Sanaa Lathan. The movie opens with the character Violet being on top of the world. She’s successful, has a boyfriend, and her hair is straight. When Violet doesn’t get the proposal she’s been waiting for from her boyfriend of two years, she asks why. His response is that he could never marry her because she’s too perfect and can never let her hair down. This begins the character Violet’s journey to find herself as she navigates trying to embrace who she is. This journey starts when she completely shaves her head. The abandonment of her hair leads to her obsession over it disappearing causing her to truly look at who she is and love herself for it. The film’s message is powerful as it conveys that you should love yourself for who you are naturally, but in my opinion this message also comes with a negative connotation towards those who don’t wear their hair natural. To me, I believe that yes all women should embrace their natural hair, but they also shouldn’t be shamed for not wearing it as well. Though the movie at the very end does touch on how women can do whatever they want with their hair this message isn’t emphasized enough throughout the film. Overall the acting and the quality of the movie is very good and enjoyable, and I would definitely recommend the movie to a friend. I rate it a 9/10.