By: Anjali Dhanekula

I scroll through my feed and I see
#niawilson and kids locked in cages
And I think how can this happen in this country
This place I call home, this “safe haven”

Is it really safe if this
Democracy is corrupted by policy
Is it still a democracy when
12.7% of the population lives in fear?

Black lives matter and there is no question about it, to some people
Why should others even question the integrity of that in the first place?
How can one human’s rights be stronger than another’s?
And the difference be based solely on the color of their skin?

Who came up with the inhumane idea of racial bias?
I mean it all started with segregation
Instead of teamwork and collaboration
We focused on separation

No equality
Not even for women
They still make less doing the same exact job
While have to pay more for necessities

Now why would you degrade
The same people that birth you
They feed you, clothe you, support you
They love you till their last dying breath

They’re your wives and daughters
Your mothers and sisters
They’re everywhere
And they can’t even get the respect they deserve

And what kind of people would we be if we just sat here and let this all happen
I know it’s saddening
But the only way to fix it
Is to come together

There’s a world full of potential
It’s just waiting
You can either grab it by the reigns
Or shy away from your responsibility

And in the end
It won’t matter what you wear or how much you earn
It will matter what you learn
And what you contribute to the world