By: Sophie Weyn & Claire McKenna

Hello Upper School!

It’s Sophie Weyn and Claire McKenna here! As October comes around the corner, and we officially dive into fall, we wanted to review this year’s homecoming dance!

Your senior class partied like ROCKSTARS at homecoming this year! We know everyone kept the theme “hush hush” until the moment all 96 of us (and our dates) raced through the lobby, down the steps, and into the gym. Our adrenaline pumped as fast as ever as we made laps around all the underclassmen, dancing and jumping around. It was an exciting moment as seniors. It is bittersweet to have our homecoming theme revealed and done with…one of the first traditions the senior class gets to experience together.

Reflecting back nearly three weeks after homecoming, we hope everyone in the Upper School considered this homecoming a successful one. Here is a message for all of you:

We loved your enthusiasm and spirit! So many people came to homecoming this year and got involved through not only ticket purchasing, but through the incredible support of Homecoming With Heart as well. We are so proud as seniors to lead such an AMAZING Upper School this year. On our behalf, we cannot wait to dive into the rest of the year with each member of the HB Upper School community in the 2018-19 school year. Way to start the year off on a strong foot!

Shoutout to our seniors for ROCKIN’ it with their costumes… they looked incredible!



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