by Kate Slesh

At this current moment on January 17th it is 9 degrees in Cleveland, Ohio. At this same time in Siberia there was an article written about 2 people dying in the cold when their car broke down and they were walking to get help. The article writes about how the other three men that were with them survived because of the warmer clothes they were wearing. Even just walking into school from your car that is parked a little away makes you want to run into school because it is so cold. It is dangerous to not be wearing warm clothing in the winter when it is cold out. For people that have to stand outside and wait for buses to pick them up is also dangerous. Schools close because of how cold it can be outside. It is so important to wear the right clothing during the winter because you never know what can happen. Sudden fire drills in school, cars breaking down, and much more.

Things to wear during the winter:

              Warm jacket





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Reporting not for school, but for life.

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