Avengers Infinity War is the final war we have all been waiting for that includes all the superheroes we love from the Marvel comics. This movie is an excellent combination of action, adventure, thrill, and some comedy as well. The movie starts off with a very captivating scene where Thor and his brother Loki are with the main villain, Thanos. Throughout the movie, Thanos is the main villain and he is from the Planet Xandar. Thanos’s goal is to collect the different stones; the Power Stone, Time Stone, Mind Stone, Reality Stone, Soul Stone, and the Time Stone. As Thanos is trying to collect the stones everyone in the Avengers are trying to work together to stop him from getting everything he needs. The characters we see are; Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, Black Panther, Thor, Dr. Strange, Spider-Man, Vision, Guardians of the Galaxy (Groot, Starlord, Gamora, Drax, and Mantis), Black Widow, War Machine, Falcon, Scarlet Witch. By collecting all the stones Thanos is able to activate the Infinity Gauntlet then teleport to a different universe. Also, by earning all the stones and activating the Infinity Gauntlet, Thanos has the power to make half the universe disintegrate. When he does this many of our most favorite superheroes go down with the half of the universe that disintegrates and unfortunately very few of them are in the other half of the universe that does not disintegrate.
Throughout the course of this movie, I thought there were many cliffhangers that left me asking, “Is he going to do it?” or saying, “NOOOOOOOOOOO!” There were also so many plot twists that I didn’t see coming, like how many of my favorite characters died and how Thanos managed to get all the stones he needed. There is also a big cliffhanger at the end that will lead to sequel to Avengers Infinity War, because the way the first one ended was too abrupt not to make another one. And at the end of the credits, in true Marvel fashion, there was a clip of Nick Fury and his partner, Maria Hill, about to send something important but we don’t know exactly what it was because the two of them were included in the half of the universe that disintegrated.
Clearly everyone was very hyped to see Avengers Infinity War as it reached 1.686 billion dollars in sales at the box office. The directors of this film are Anthony Russo and Joe Russo and they did not cut costs when filming as the budget came out to be between 316- 400 million dollars. Avengers Infinity War received good reviews as Rotten Tomatoes gives it an 84% and says, “Avengers: Infinity War ably juggles a dizzying array of MCU heroes in the fight against their gravest threat yet, and the result is a thrilling, emotionally resonant blockbuster that (mostly) realizes its gargantuan ambitions.”

Overall I think Avengers Infinity War was an amazing movie and I loved the cliffhangers at the end. I am also very excited and cannot wait to see the sequel to Avengers Infinity War.