by Emma Gerber

Bullet Journaling Episode Two – Making my Bullet Journal


Hello everyone!

You may or may not have seen my last retrospect article, episode 1 of my bullet journaling saga. In that article, I explored the idea of a bullet journal and expressed my want to make one.


For those of you who do not know (or didn’t read my last article), a bullet journal is a combined planner, notebook, calendar, and pretty much anything else you need to organize your life. There is a crazy amount of stuff that you can put in it, from habit trackers, to goal pages, to places to write down what your grades are, or what books you want to read. The craziest part of it all, to me, is that it is typically all hand drawn! This gives people the flexibility to truly make it their own, exactly how they want it.


I really loved this idea of a bullet journal. I have wanted to become more organized for a long time, and this was a fun and arty pathway to get there. So this month, I decided to jump in and make my own bullet journal.

After my last episode, where I did some research and extensive planning, I actually went to a bullet journaling class! It was at Paper Source (my actual favorite store ever, by the way). My mom and I went together, and it was a super fun bonding experience. When we arrived, we received these little journals, and went back to a little workshop area at the back of the store. There we sat for the next two hours, while the teacher of the class showed us how to draw some of the pages and walked us through some of her techniques. Here are some of the  pictures of my practice journal that I did there:

The pages were still a bit rocky, but I was confident I could master the process when I got home. I bought my own journal, two pens, and two stamps. I really loved the stamps. They were a nice quality. I also like the journal. It had large pages, which was really convenient, and the pages did not bleed through that much, which was great. I also liked the white pen, the Sakura 37488 Gelly Roll Classic 08. It was surprising how convenient this pen was. It helped me make cool designs, lay out my plans, and cover up any mistakes I made. The one product I did not really like was the black Le Pen. While it looked pretty, the pen was very small and the end of it was too short for the heavy duty journaling I was doing. It also wore out really fast, and overall wasn’t worth the more expensive price.


Another two notable purchases are my pack of Huhuhero Pens and my pack of stencils. These have been life saving and super helpful – probably my new bullet journaling favorites.


Flash forward to Spring Break. This was my time to sit down and make my Bullet journal for the first time. It took a long time, but I was on break and didn’t mind. Soon, I was done with my beautiful bullet journal. Without further ado, I present… my bullet journal!

This is the first page. It is my table of contents, which will be really convenient once I have a lot of pages and want to be able to quickly find one.


Next is my future log. These pages will help me keep track of big events this year – like a vacation or a big performance.


Next I have my birthdays and holidays page. I think it’s really important to remember big events like birthdays and holidays, so this is my way of keeping track of all of them.


After that is the beginning of my April section. The theme for april was flowers, which was really fun. I had some flower stencils that I used to create designs around my different pages. The month starts off with a calendar and goals page.


Next is my trackers and tiny adventures page. Trackers are for things I aim to do every day, while tiny adventures is just some things I want to do more often. I was super excited for this page, as it really will be helpful in remembering little things to do everyday or more often.


After I have my books to read/movies to watch page, and my expenses and needs/wants pages. These will all be great things to track, and I thought they were all really innovative and fun ideas.


Finally, I have my daily pages. These are just for everyday use, writing down my homework and things that I have to do. They have a slot for my homework, long term homework, to dos, and things I need to practice. They also have a slot for how much sleep, steps, and water I have each day.


Overall, I absolutely love my bullet journal. It is really pretty, and super functional. However, there are many things I would change.

  • I don’t really like or use the sleep and steps boxes on my daily pages. It’s just another thing to fill out, and I don’t find myself really using them that much.
  • I also wish I had put the books to read/movies to watch page and the expenses and needs/wants page before the start of April, so they could just apply to the whole year. I haven’t even close to filled it all out yet, and I will probably keep using it for at least a little while.

There are also some pages I would like to add for next month.

  • A mood tracker page – I love trackers and I think it would be really convenient to see how I’d been feeling the past few weeks in one easy place.
  • A journal/writing page – I just want a page to be able to write and remember things. Not only is writing a super great way to process the events of the day, but also when I look back I’ll be able to remember what happened and how I was feeling about it.


Thanks for reading this episode on my bullet journal! I’m so excited to finally have a journal and to be able to use it for a long time. Next month I will walk through my May section of the journal – hopefully even better than April! See You then!