A Poem About Cleveland

By: Jala Everett


I ask myself everyday

“Why is cleveland so dear to my heart?“

A city where seasons last from 2 weeks to 5 months

A city not as big as New York, but not as small as Tulsa


I think to myself, “it’s so inbetween”…. it’s not amazing, but its not bad. It’s just….. Cleveland

It’s a bowl of spaghetti…it’s not a gourmet meal, but it isn’t chopped liver, it’s just… inbetween

Even with its mediocrity, Cleveland seems to be so much more than that to me

A treasure chest that holds so many jewels within it


Though not as beautiful as Hawaii, it still possess many attractions

Unlike volcanoes and islands

Beautiful in a different way


Holding all my most cherished memories

Starting at Harleston Drive and Monticello Blvd, the names of streets I grew up on.

Home because they are safe and full of love

Filled with people who I love unconditionally, shaping who I am


On Mayfield road lies, East Coast Custard

An ice cream shop housing the “right afters” of many important occasions

Milestones….. birthdays, graduations, good night’s


On Euclid Avenue lies Lakeview cemetery

Where my two grandparents lie in the ground

Looking out upon a pond just as beautiful as they were to the world

A pond with the greenest of grass around its perimeter


These are symbols of who I am

They are the places that have shaped me

Giving me what feelings of comfort and love are


So as I ask myself again “Why is Cleveland so dear to my heart?”

The answer is clear.

It’s a place the outside looks anything but glamorous

But within is so beautiful

It’s where my sister and I were raised.

It’s where my grandmother was buried.

It’s where my family lives.

It’s where my friends are.

It’s my home.

And home is where my heart will always be.