What to do during finals week

by Linda Yu

The good news is, that after long, long year of school, you’ve finally made it to the end…the bad news is, now you have a week of final exams. Stress levels and crying sessions tend to peak this time of year, but never fear! As miserable as finals are, it is possible to have fun and relax during finals week. So, here are all the fun things anyone could possibly want to do during finals week!

If you’re tired…

Take a nap, duh! If you prefer cool places, you can go to the library or the atrium area. If not, you can sleep just about anywhere. You can bring ear plugs if it’s too loud. Although it is not recommended to sleep while taking finals, you can always sleep in between exams! Not only will it prevent you from cramming, it will give your brain a much-needed rest.

If you have a sweet tooth…

Walk to Ben and Jerry’s! You can bring some friends with you, and chat or study on the way there. Also, ice cream makes everything better.

If you like shows/movies…

Watch your favorite show! Bring some popcorn to school, find a comfortable spot, and watch your favorite TV show or movie on your laptop.

If you kind of want to study but not really…

Go for a walk! You can walk several circles around HB. Bring your notes with you and quiz yourself while you walk. You can also get a friend to walk with you and quiz you.

If you really insist on studying…

Studying can make you feel more confident about an exam, but don’t overdo it! Cramming will only make you more nervous. Take breaks in between studying sessions, and take some time to breathe before the exam.

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